Honolulu, HI Water Filtration Installations

Hano Naka Inc.

Stop fiddling with those other name brand tap filters, and let our trained technicians install a Trim antioxidant water filtration system for you. Our easy installation process means that you'll have clean, fresh antioxidant water in no time.

Save the environment

Bottled water takes a toll on the environment, so why not put a little less plastic in the landfill and refill your water bottles at home from your filter?  You'll love that our water also tastes great for tea or coffee, or any other drinks.

Save money not buying bottled water:

  • Easy installation
  • On your kitchen faucet
  • Handy payment plans

If you want better tasting food, tea, or mixed drinks, contact Hano Naka Inc. today at 808-232-8141 or visit us at 1245 Young St. Suite #102 Honolulu, HI.

Antioxidant Water Filtration - Honolulu, HI - Hano Naka Inc.
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